06 Jan

Why PGLF Croatia?

Why PGLF Croatia?

The global challenges we face today are both intricate and interconnected. Current leadership development practices fail to equip aspiring leaders with the suite of tools they need to govern in a complex world.

Most similar programs are focused on making participants satisfied with an overall experience and a “feel-good” approach. Contrary, PGLF Croatia is dedicated towards training leaders who can solve seemingly intractable problems by fostering cultural fluency and providing comfort with uncertainty.

PGLF Croatia program is specifically designed in order to cultivate innovative leaders who have the vision, judgement, humility, character and empathic curiosity that is necessary for effective leadership today.

PGLF Croatia is the perfect opportunity to:

  • develop your business and leadership skills—crucial for future leaders in any profession;
  • push you further in your thinking about global economic issues;
  • encourage your entrepreneurial and innovative mindset;
  • help you to connect with some of the brightest young minds of the world and
  • give you an opportunity to learn and discuss with professors from best world’s universities.

Also, by being a part of program in Croatia, you are immediately becoming a part of PGLF network.

Preparing Global Leaders Forum (PGLF) is an educational non-profit foundation dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars and summits worldwide. PGLF is currently composed of three schools: Preparing Global Leaders Summit (PGLS) in Russia, Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) in Macedonia and Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA) in Jordan. From this year, PGLF Croatia is joining the PGLF network.

Explore program offerings and join PGLF alumni network that consists of young professionals from over 100 countries that are working towards changing the paradigm of leadership.

You are invited to apply for Preparing Global Leaders Forum Croatia!

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