13 Feb

President’s Letter

President’s Letter

The global challenges we face are so interconnected and intricate that current leadership development practices fail to equip aspiring leaders with the suite of tools they need to govern in a complex world. Despite spending billions of dollars each year, the leadership industry has not delivered on its promises. We have a leadership crisis. Leaders must discard the traditional “rinse-and-repeat” approach endemic to our leadership culture. Instead, leaders must adapt to the kinetic violence of change present on the world stage.

PGLF is a reaction to the contemporary leadership training landscape. Most programs are fixated on making sure their participants are satisfied with their experience, a “feel-good”, therapeutic approach. PGLF is dedicated towards training leaders who can solve seemingly intractable problems, by fostering cultural fluency, a cross-disciplinary restlessness, and a comfort with uncertainty. We have specifically designed our programs to cultivate innovative leaders who have the vision, judgement, humility, character and empathic curiosity that is the necessary foundation for effective leadership today.

In order to enlarge their perspective and refine their skills participants will engage closely not just with our award-winning faculty and experienced practitioners who are rigorously selected to challenge our delegates, but they will also compete with aspiring leaders from over 30 countries in a series of personalized leadership simulations in speechmaking, negotiation, editorial writing, brand management, diplomacy and psychological evaluations. Delegates will network and build relationships and join a network of alumni from over 100 countries who are all working towards changing the paradigm of leadership all while immersing themselves in the rich culture and breathtaking sights of the host countries through guided tours and events. Extraordinary leaders stand out because they are willing to seek out those liminal moments where their perspectives are challenged and transformed. We invite you to explore our program offerings and join our leadership network.

Dr. Sam Potolicchio

President, PGLF

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