13 May


Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) – A place where ideas come to life

The main venue for PGLF Croatia is the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS) located in city named Split. MedILS is located next to the former summer residence of President Tito called Villa Dalmatia located in Marjan forest park, a more than 77.000 square mile expanse near the sea. Additionally, the city center is just a fifteen minute walk away.


Split – “Mediterranean flower”

Split is the second-largest city of Croatia, cultural and political centre of region Dalmatia and lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea. Because of its ideal climate, with 2.800 hours of sunlight each year, local people have a few nicknames for Split: “The most beautiful city in the world” and “Mediterranean flower”. There are many interesting amenities and beautiful places to visit, but we will leave something undiscovered and let you to see it by yourself.



The official history of Split stretches back for 1700 years, when the Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace (emulating the form of the Roman military camp) as a place to which he would retire after stepping down from the imperial throne. Diocletian’s Palace still attracts tourist from all around the world. You will have an opportunity to see it and enjoy its beauty within your time during PGLF Croatia.



Split has excellent geostrategic position and connections with the rest of Croatia and Europe. Daily ferry lines connect it with biggest cities along the shores of Adriatic sea, and regular and charter flights are available at the Split airport.   Furthermore, Split has excellent road connections with capital of Croatia (Zagreb) and other big cities in country and region, so you can easily visit other amazing cities and regions in Croatia and Balcans as Dubrovnik, Budva, Sarajevo, Skopje, Belgrade…



If you want to travel more while visiting Croatia, here are some top destinations near Split:                                  



Croatia –  “Full of life”

Croatia, Central European and Mediterranean country, is one of the ecologically best-preserved parts of Europe. Its sea is the purest in Europe according to the European Commission and some of its beaches are considered the most beautiful locations in the world. Additionally, there are eight National Parks and eleven Nature Parks among which are the Plitvice Lakes, the only natural good recognized by UNESCO.


From north to south and from east to west, from the shores of the Adriatic in Dalmatia to the valleys of Slavonia, each region of Croatia has its own special culinary personality. From proto-Slavic essences mixed with Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences in the meats, desserts and vegetable dishes of the continental regions, to the Greek, Roman and Illyrian Mediterranean flavors of the fish delicacies and wines of the coastal region. There’s so much more you can see! Because of that, there is the sentence that describes Croatia best:  ”Croatia, full of life!”.



Where can I learn more about Croatia and Split?

Please check Croatia Tourism website at and Croatia travel guide.

You can also look at some youtube videos about Croatia:


If you need more information about the city here is Tourist Board of Split official website and some other useful links:


13 Feb

President’s Letter

President’s Letter

The global challenges we face are so interconnected and intricate that current leadership development practices fail to equip aspiring leaders with the suite of tools they need to govern in a complex world. Despite spending billions of dollars each year, the leadership industry has not delivered on its promises. We have a leadership crisis. Leaders must discard the traditional “rinse-and-repeat” approach endemic to our leadership culture. Instead, leaders must adapt to the kinetic violence of change present on the world stage.

PGLF is a reaction to the contemporary leadership training landscape. Most programs are fixated on making sure their participants are satisfied with their experience, a “feel-good”, therapeutic approach. PGLF is dedicated towards training leaders who can solve seemingly intractable problems, by fostering cultural fluency, a cross-disciplinary restlessness, and a comfort with uncertainty. We have specifically designed our programs to cultivate innovative leaders who have the vision, judgement, humility, character and empathic curiosity that is the necessary foundation for effective leadership today.

In order to enlarge their perspective and refine their skills participants will engage closely not just with our award-winning faculty and experienced practitioners who are rigorously selected to challenge our delegates, but they will also compete with aspiring leaders from over 30 countries in a series of personalized leadership simulations in speechmaking, negotiation, editorial writing, brand management, diplomacy and psychological evaluations. Delegates will network and build relationships and join a network of alumni from over 100 countries who are all working towards changing the paradigm of leadership all while immersing themselves in the rich culture and breathtaking sights of the host countries through guided tours and events. Extraordinary leaders stand out because they are willing to seek out those liminal moments where their perspectives are challenged and transformed. We invite you to explore our program offerings and join our leadership network.

Dr. Sam Potolicchio

President, PGLF

30 Jan

Important Visa Requirements

People holding a valid Schengen visa do not need any additional documents to enter Croatia and stay for up to 90 days.

Also, there is  a number of countries which do not require a visa at all to enter Croatia. Besides EU countries following countries do not need visa to enter Croatia:

  1. Andorra,
  2. Monaco,
  3. San Marino,
  4. Switzerland,
  5. the UK

Also residents of all following countries are not required to have a visa for a stay up to 90 days in Croatia:

  1. Albania,
  2. Antigua and Barbuda,
  3. Argentina
  4. Australia,
  5. Bahamas,
  6. Barbados,
  7. Bosnia-Herzegovina,
  8. Brazil,
  9. Brunei,
  10. Canada,
  11. Chile,
  12. Colombia,
  13. Costa Rica,
  14. Dominica,
  15. El Salvador,
  16. Grenada,
  17. Guatemala,
  18. Holy See,
  19. Honduras,
  20. Iceland,
  21. Israel,
  22. Japan,
  23. Korea,
  24. Liechtenstein,
  25. Macedonia,
  26. Malaysia,
  27. Marshall Islands,
  28. Mauritius,
  29. Mexico,
  30. Micronesia,
  31. Moldova,
  32. Montenegro,
  33. New Zealand,
  34. Nicaragua,
  35. Norway,
  36. Palau,
  37. Panama,
  38. Paraguay,
  39. Peru,
  40. Saint Kitts and Nevis,
  41. Saint Lucia,
  42. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines,
  43. Samoa,
  44. Serbia,
  45. Seychelles,
  46. Singapore,
  47. Solomon Islands,
  48. the USA,
  49. Timor-Leste,
  50. Tonga,
  51. Trinidad And Tobago,
  52. Turkey,
  53. Tuvalu,
  54. United Arab Emirates,
  55. Uruguay,
  56. Vanuatu,
  57. Venezuela.

However, citizens of all remaining countries need to apply for a visa prior to travelling to Croatia. In case you need more information, you can check Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia page or send an email to croatia@pglf.org.

06 Jan

Why PGLF Croatia?

Why PGLF Croatia?

The global challenges we face today are both intricate and interconnected. Current leadership development practices fail to equip aspiring leaders with the suite of tools they need to govern in a complex world.

Most similar programs are focused on making participants satisfied with an overall experience and a “feel-good” approach. Contrary, PGLF Croatia is dedicated towards training leaders who can solve seemingly intractable problems by fostering cultural fluency and providing comfort with uncertainty.

PGLF Croatia program is specifically designed in order to cultivate innovative leaders who have the vision, judgement, humility, character and empathic curiosity that is necessary for effective leadership today.

PGLF Croatia is the perfect opportunity to:

  • develop your business and leadership skills—crucial for future leaders in any profession;
  • push you further in your thinking about global economic issues;
  • encourage your entrepreneurial and innovative mindset;
  • help you to connect with some of the brightest young minds of the world and
  • give you an opportunity to learn and discuss with professors from best world’s universities.

Also, by being a part of program in Croatia, you are immediately becoming a part of PGLF network.

Preparing Global Leaders Forum (PGLF) is an educational non-profit foundation dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars and summits worldwide. PGLF is currently composed of three schools: Preparing Global Leaders Summit (PGLS) in Russia, Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) in Macedonia and Preparing Global Leaders Academy (PGLA) in Jordan. From this year, PGLF Croatia is joining the PGLF network.

Explore program offerings and join PGLF alumni network that consists of young professionals from over 100 countries that are working towards changing the paradigm of leadership.

You are invited to apply for Preparing Global Leaders Forum Croatia!