Target Group

Who should apply for the program?

The program is for young motivated individuals who are interested in leadership in business.

Is the program for employed people only?

No, to apply for the program, you can also  be a student.

I am not sure if my language skills will be good enough for attending the program?

Please have in mind that the language which will be used is English only. For that reason, you must be able to speak and understand English quite well.



What is the deadline to submit my application form?

The deadline for application is the June 30th 2018, 12 PM CET,  which means that you must submit your application by June 30th 2018, 12 PM CET.

How will I know if my application has been received?

We will send an email to you right after we receive your application.

I come from a country belonging to the European Union. Do I still have to send a copy of my passport?

Yes, please send all the papers we ask for, regardless of your country of origin.

When will I get notified if I was selected or not?

You will receive this information in an email reply as soon as possible,  we will try to finish the selection by the July 7th 2018. Please be sure you have provided a valid email address in your application form, so we can reach you without any problems.

Do I have to apply for a visa to attend the program?

Croatia is a member of the European Union (since 2013) and visa requirements differ depending on your country of origin. We suggest you to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Department of State in your country to learn which procedures you must follow. If you do need a visa, we will send you Guarantee Letter after you pay half of the fee.


Arrival / Departure

When should I arrive and depart?

The official PGLF Croatia program starts on September 19th, 2018, which means you are expected to arrive no later than 8:00 AM CET on September 19th. The last scheduled PGLF Croatia events conclude by the night of September 22th. You are expected to depart by 12 PM CET on September 23rd, 2018.

How do I get to Split?

You can get to Split by plane, by bus, by car or by ferry, depending on your location.

You can also fly to some other city in Croatia, such as Zagreb or Zadar and then take a bus or rent the car to Split. You can check bus lines and prices here. If you need any help with organizing your trip to Split, please let us know.

Can you arrange a pickup?

We can organize a pickup, but you have to let us know the exact time and place of your arrival in Split.

Do I need to have medical insurance?

If you are coming  from EU member states, it is enough for you to have a European health insurance card. If you are coming from outside the EU,  you must arrange medical insurance for yourself.


Location / Accommodation

Where will I be staying?

Your PGLF Croatia fees include your accommodation in Mediterranean institute for life sciences from September 19th until September 23rd (12 PM CET). Here is the link of the Institute: http://www.medils.org/ so you can find out more about it. You can stay longer (after the program), however, you have to pay for any additional nights by yourself, and you will need to contact us so we can make reservations. For more information about room pricing and availability, please contact us at croatia@pglf.org.

The rooms in the campus hotel are for two (2) or three (3) people. You will be placed in a room with another PGLF Croatia participant of the same gender. If you want  a single room or live outside of campus, please contact us at croatia@pglf.org for clarification and other important details.

I am a wheelchair user and require accessible accommodations. Is the venue at the institute wheelchair friendly so that I can still participate?

Unfortunately only some parts can be accessed with a wheelchair. We are happy to accommodate persons who require a wheelchair and organize seminars in such a way that you can participate in the program. Please tell us in advance if you require accommodations.

I suffer from allergies and am therefore worried about the food possibilities at PGLF Croatia. What are the options?

Please tell us in advance if there is food you cannot eat. We will make sure that you get meals adapted to your needs.

Will I have WiFi access during the program?

Yes, all the participants will have free WiFi access for the duration of the program in all the campus buildings.


Program and Lectures

Are there any prerequisites for the program?

There are no specific prerequisites.

How many people will participate in the program?

The program is organized for approximately 35 participants in order to have our highly individual approach and interactive classes.

What will my timetable look like?

Typically, you will have lectures in the morning and evening with a lunch and coffee breaks in between. Each day there will also be many cultural and leisure activities organized so you can enjoy your time in Split to the fullest.

When will I get my timetable?

You will be given your timetable at least two weeks before the program starts and a printed version on the first day of the program.



How much does PGLF Croatia cost?

The total price for PGLF Croatia 2018 is € 1.500,00. The fee includes accommodation, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, tutorial materials and cultural program.

Is there any additional funding available?

Even though you might not have the financial means to participate, do not hesitate to apply!

Financial support will be available. In order to be considered for financial support  make sure to fill out the “Program costs and financial aid” part of the application form. The total price for PGLF Croatia 2018 is € 1500.00 (EUR). The fee includes boarding accommodation in Split, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, tutorial materials and our cultural activities during the program dates.

Unfortunately we are NOT able to provide any financial aid or otherwise cover costs of transportation to/from Split, Croatia (e.g. flights, trains, ferries, taxis). We also do NOT cover any costs associated with visas or other consular or immigration concerns, nor do we cover medical insurance, costs of health care, or other incidental expenses.

In the application form you can write the amount of financial assistance you request (in Euros). The determination of potential financial aid depends on many factors, and we may not be able to satisfy all aid requests. When you receive notification of the results of our selections process (whether or not you are accepted), you will also receive information about the amount of financial support (if any) that we are able to provide.

When will I have to pay the tuition fee?

The tuition fee must be paid until July 16th 2018, 12 PM CET the latest. Your place will be only reserved for you if we did receive the tuition fee until this deadline. If your payment has not been received by this deadline, your place will be given to one of the applicants on the waiting list. You will receive further information regarding the payment (bank details etc.) after you have been selected.

How I can apply for  additonal funding?

In order to be considered for a scholarship make sure to fill out the “Program costs and financial aid” part of the application form.


How can I make the payment?

The payment is made by a bank transfer. All the information about payment you will get in the e-mail we will send you as confirmation of your application. You should cover all the extra expenses (such as bank transfer fee) by yourself.

What costs do participants have to cover by themselves?

Participants have to cover private trips before and after the program, airplane ticket(s), visa expenses, health insurance and personal costs.

Is it possible to get my tuition fee refunded in case I cannot join the program?

A: 80% of your tuition fee will be refunded in case of:

  • illness (you must provide a medical report)
  • severe illness or death of a close relative (i.e. parents, siblings, spouse/partner, children; you must provide a medical report)

No other reasons for reimbursement will be accepted.


Croatia / Split

Where can I learn more about Croatia and Split?

Please check Croatia Tourism website at and Croatia travel guide.

You can also look at some YouTube videos about Croatia:


If you need more information about the city here is Tourist Board of Split official website and some other useful links:

Split lies on the Adriatic coast, central Dalmatia, on the Split (Marjan) peninsula.

If you want to travel more while visiting Croatia, here are some top destinations near Split:                                  



Will I receive a certificate upon the completion of the program?

Yes, each participant will receive a certificate of participation upon successful completion of the program.