PGLF Croatia 2017 Professors

Dr. Sam Potolicchio

Dr. Matt Spence
Stanford University

Dr. Branden Thornhill-Miller
Oxford University

21st Century Leadership: Forecasting the Future (Dr. Sam Potolicchio)

Delivered by Dr. Sam Potolicchio, this course will place a particular emphasis on creativity and forecasting, essential skills for business leaders operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Influence, persuasion and public speaking (Dr. Sam Potolicchio)

Using techniques and tailored simulations normally reserved for national level political leaders, this session will explore how to get audiences to “lend their ears” and to remember what is said, the two key requisites of influential communication by establishing instant credibility as a competent and trustworthy speaker.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop innovative tools and approaches of persuasion and influence Identify the best methods to capture an audience and hold their attention
  • Cultivate the cognitive processes to master verbal fluency Know the secrets of charisma and non-verbal persuasive skills
  • Employ the most effective techniques in preparing for a speech or negotiation

Effective decision making (Dr. Sam Potolicchio)

Using techniques and guided simulations normally reserved for global executive business and political leaders, this course will draw on lessons from psychology, communication and organizational behavior, cognitive science and politics to distill the most important skills and qualities of smart decision making in a rapidly changing global landscape.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify effective techniques to increase productivity and improve decision making Understand how to overcome indecision
  • Cultivate the techniques to utilize conflict and disagreement at the group and institutional level
  • Learn how to synthesize information and ask the right questions
  • Possess the skills to spot future trends and increase creativity
  • Know how to use and control emotions to make critical decisions

Geopolitical Tectonics (Dr. Matt Spence)

This course will look at some of the biggest geopolitical shifts. Taught by a Stanford and Yale Professor who has served as one of the highest ranking officials in the U.S. Department of Defense, this course will highlight geopolitical developments all global leaders need to understand.

Leadership and Communication (Dr. Branden Thornhill-Miller)

What skills will students need to become leaders in an increasingly global world? How can students prepare themselves for global leadership opportunities? These lectures will introduce students to the study of effective leadership practices through issues of psychology, sociology, politics, philosophy and entrepreneurship. This course will highlight the supreme importance, artistry and impact of words in leadership. Students will explore the cognitive biases that drive persuasion, political advertising, communication messages and public approval, interest group strategy, and the impact of new communication technologies.

Rock Your Interview - Simulation (Dr. Sam Potolicchio)

Interviews are one of the most challenging barriers to entry for universities, scholarships, internships, and jobs. The skills to keep poise and presence during an interview are rare–but they can be learned. Here, we will explore what makes a great interview, and how to present one’s self in various interview formats.

Elevator Pitches - Simulation (Dr. Matt Spence)

This simulation will train participants in how to convince people quickly. A top partner at one of the world's most prestigious venture capital firms, Dr. Spence will lead a simulation on how to convince people quickly.

Crisis Management - Simulation (Dr. Matt Spence)

This simulation is designed to test how people make decisions under duress and time pressure.

Psychology for Global Leaders: Understanding Ourselves and Leading Others in the Modern World - Confidential Consultation & Personalized Tutorial (Dr. Branden Thornhill-Miller)

Drawing on background in several other fields, this course will explore the crucial role that psychology plays in the vast array of challenges facing people and their leaders in the world today. As a starting point, and as part of an ongoing study of young global leadership, students will have the opportunity to take a series of confidential, self-exploratory psychometric tests on a wide range of relevant and important topics (e.g. personality and attachment, leadership styles and related disorders, creativity, cognitive styles, empathy and social networks, formative social attitudes and religious/philosophical beliefs, and cognitive biases in decision-making) that will then be the subject of in-depth discussions aimed at giving them greater insight into themselves, others, and the important roles that they seek to play in the future.

From this vantage point, we will also survey some of the problems and possibilities for our collective future touching upon topics like fundamentalism/ideology and inter-group conflict, behaviour change, the problem of “evil” and the limits of human imagination, the “Social Brain”, the “human difference”, the threat and promise of future technologies, and prospects for the enhancement of human creativity and well-being.  Armed with greater self-awareness (and as time permits) students will also be in engaged in personalized leadership- and vision-development exercises.